ZEKE: Super Sound Racing and Flat Tracker: CD

Jun 20, 2007

Picked this up because I’ve always been fond of this band’s high speed, high-octane rock’n’roll and having these two early records seemed like a swell prospect. Anyway, I noticed a little square on the back cover that says, “This CD contains copy-protection technology. Any attempt to copy this product may result in damage to your audio or computer equipment. Relapse Records, Inc. and its licensees and distributors are not liable for any damage that may result from such actions.” Now, in the first place, I had no intention of copying this for anyone, and merely playing it for the purposes of review. Since, however, the label has decided to include a threat implying that it is now in the business of fucking up the stereo equipment of consumers who may decide to rip a copy for their kid or best friend, allow me to counter by saying that a) this will never be played on any audio equipment I own, and b) I will never willingly buy a Relapse release, c) I will actively encourage anyone I know who might be interested in the (mostly) crappy cookie monster metal they peddle to look elsewhere for their musical entertainment, as use of any of their product may potentially cost more than the sticker price. Oh, and since I’ve been warned on the front not to sell this, which again I had no intention of doing since I don’t want bad karma stemming from my willingly selling what could be a damaging product to someone else, and seeing as the release in question has been deemed utterly devoid of any use other than beer-coaster, you will find it, should you want it back, residing at the Whittier Narrow landfill, which is where I believe the trash dudes that serve my area empty their trucks.

 –jimmy (Relapse)