ZEGOTA: Message in the Music: CD

I like the way that certain forms of punk are headed. I like how some bands are getting more intelligent lyrically and subject wise while at the same time they expand musically what “punk” is. Zegota is the term for Polish Catholics who helped save Jews in WWII. This CD simply amazes me. The politics might be a bit heavy handed (in the breakneck speeded, brilliant “Bike Song” the lines: “every pedal strikes a blow for freedom, every petal strikes a blow against global decay!” are a bit much, but also very catchy). But you can always choose not to read the rants that accompany each song and merely focus on the music. Lots of layered instrumentals – far, far away from the three chord verse chorus format. “$59.95” is a highlight both lyrically and musically, and invokes a more intense “Sober” by Tool or some of the more intense Fugazi. The intro is the audio equivalent of a sunrise filmed at high speed.

 –rich (CrimethInc.)