ZATOPEKS/COPYRIGHTS, THE: Handclaps & Bottlecaps: 7”

Feb 15, 2007

Two bands offer up two songs each for this 7”, and the catch? They’re all acoustic. Pop punk unplugged. The first song on side A by The Zatopeks was not all that great, and I feared the worst. But the three remaining tracks save the day. The Copyrights do acoustic versions of one song from We Didn’t Come Here to Die and one from Mutiny Pop, and they do it beautifully. I seriously want to burn the originals next to these versions and just listen to them right after another! Out of everything I’ve ever heard from The Zatopeks, their second song -“Turkish Bread Chronicle”- is now my favorite. Wonderful lyrics and flawless execution. Don’t let the acoustic theme scare you away. Aside from the first song this is a split you should probably add to your collection.

 –mrz (It’s Alive)