Mar 31, 2009

The Zatopeks are the musical equivalent of the following exclamations: Yay! Yay! Yay! Super catchy pop punk from the U.K.! On the record cover they’re wearing Groovie Ghoulies and Ergs shirts, which is a.) a good sign! and b.) a good indication of what this sounds like. The first song is way better than the second, but you’re supposed to open with the best song, right? Still, I have to hope that they stick with the first song, classic pop punk formula in the future. Zatopeks, this is my request! The Accelerators are more on the regular punk mixed with rock‘n’roll side, with a teaspoon of pop punk for good measure. Not as good as the Zatopeks, but it’s hard for regular Mini-Wheats to compete with Apple Jacks!

 –maddy (Squinty Joe)