ZATOPEKS: About Bloody Time: CD/LP

May 21, 2014

Zatopeks surprised me. From the cover art and the band name, I expected their sound to be as moody as the cigarette-smoking, coffee-drinking woman on the back cover. Instead, I was greeted by a polished sound and meticulously crafted hooks that were just as well researched as the lyrics, which are dense with history—complete with footnote citations on the insert. “Mechanised” taught me more Russian references than any world history course in my five years in college. “Acetate,” a duet that verges on sentimental without crossing the line into sappy, is a break from the momentum of the other songs, though I think I would have preferred it being a female solo. Their songs are content-rich but are catchy enough to be digested easily. 

 –Ashley (Monster Zero, [email protected], / It’s Alive, [email protected],