ZAKARY SLAX: Teenage Mutant: CS

Oct 28, 2015

Oh, Canaduh… you’ve given us Rush, Gordon Lightfoot, Crusades, and Unfun. Now Montreal spews out Zakary Slax, who,—like the lesser known Musketeer— might actually be the fourth Reatard. This is garage trash careening widely across the entire spectrum: the bratty bedroom recording of Childish (“Get Yr Shit Together”), Nuggets’ stomp (“DoBe”), Rip Offs’ distortion (“Complainer”), and Segall/Thee Oh Sees psyche-swaggering solos (“Stalemate,” “Disenchanted”). At a time when “musicians” and corporations are invading the garage and selling it back to the kids, Mr. Slax may be making it dangerous enough to take it back.Or burn it all down. Smoke weed, peel paint, off your parents… Zak would. 

 –Matt Seward ([email protected])