YUPPIE PRICKS: Brokers Banquet: CD

Oct 23, 2007

Wild, sloppy, out of control punk rock that will make you reflect on life’s complexities (once you stop laughing, that is). No one is safe from the pricks unbridled fury. The Governator gets skewered on “Hummer in My Hummer” and how can you go wrong with lines like this from “Rich Bitch”—“if you can’t at least afford Gucci/you’ll get snubbed more than Susan Lucci.” Other weighty topics include sex, drugs, rich fat cats, and more sex. Sometimes the vocals veer a little too close to Jello Biafra territory. But that seems to be okay since it’s on his label and he even does a guest vocal on “Damn It Feels Good to be a Yuppie.” “New Rolls” will probably sound fairly familiar to you, too. The Yuppie Pricks are passing the champagne over, so drink up.

 –koepenick (Alternative Tentacles)