YUPPICIDE: Revenge, Regret, Repeat: CD

Jan 13, 2016

I first discovered Yuppicide in the late-’90s thanks to a compilation called Mindset Overhaul from Wreck-Age Records. I was immediately stoked on their blazing guitars and Jesse Jones’ distinct vocal style—possibly one of the most distinct and badass voices in hardcore. Lyrically, the band swayed between topics political, personal, and nihilistic. It was a formula many could relate to at the time, myself included. So what does Yuppicide sound like twenty-five years in? To my ears, every bit as ripping as their first 7”s. The core of Yuppicide—guitarist Steve Karp, vocalist Jesse Jones, and bassist Joe Keefe—has remained unchanged for nearly twenty-five years, and veteran drummer El Guapo is once again on drums for this recording. On Revenge, Regret, Repeat, the raw power and aggression of Yuppicide’s earlier material is here, but tempered by experience into two- to three-minute bursts of white-hot rage. The album is rife with singalong parts and ample opportunities for moshing and circle pitting, whether at the show or in your living room. I was particularly fond of the opening track “Spread the Infection,” and the track “Bad Blood,” for the mosh-spiration, but Yuppicide isn’t just about the moshing and raging. You can count on the band to take things down a notch from time to time, as they do on the track “Ghosts,” which has a bit of a ska vibe to it that I was into. Revenge, Regret, Repeat is so full of good material that you’ll have a hard time picking a favorite track. It’s a worthy addition to Yuppicide’s catalog, and one of my favorite albums this year.

 –Paul J. Comeau (Dead City, [email protected])

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