YUPPICIDE: : American Oblivion: CD

Sep 19, 2013

If it’s the same band I’m thinkin’ it is—and judging from their sound and the pics, I’m gonna guess it’s not yet another batch of lazy jackasses who couldn’t be bothered to do a cursory search and see if the band name had been used prior—they’ve been around since at least the late ‘80s. It’s a mix of, well, meat ‘n’ potatoes late-’80s hardcore and English oi influences that manages to retain a level of potency bands this long-in-the-tooth usually lose years back. Can’t say it totally blew my skirt up, but they do what they do well and have the good sense not to bury it in an avalanche of overproduction.

 –jimmy (Dead City, deadcityrecords.com)