YUM YUMS, THE: Sweetest Candy: CD

Mar 08, 2010

If you like pop punk or power pop and you haven’t heard the Yum Yums, then I am jealous! Think of it this way: you still have the opportunity to listen to one of the greatest pop punk/power pop bands in the last fifteen years for the first time! This CD collects songs from their amazing album Sweet as Candy, plus a ton of 7”s, and other assorted yumminess! The song “Right Now” is quite possibly one of the best power pop songs ever. I have no idea why this band didn’t end up on Lookout Records during their glory years. Maybe because they’re from Norway? Did Larry Livermore harbor an anti-Scandinavian prejudice? Perhaps! Anyway, this band is so ridiculously catchy, with strong power chords, songs about being in love, well-chosen cover songs (the Undertones’ “Here Comes the Summer,” the Pointed Sticks’ “Out of Love,” etc.). I recommend you start with Sweet as Candy, but that’s just because I am a bit of a purist when it comes to “greatest hits” (or whatever) CDs. But I haven’t heard a single thing this band released that wasn’t amazing. If this were a cereal, it’d be Lucky Charms, hands down. (In case you’re keeping track, Lucky Charms is the top designation that can be bestowed about a musical release. I love the Yum Yums!

 –maddy (Kid Tested, kidtestedrecords.com)