YUKON: Mortar: CD

May 10, 2007

After the dissolution of some Baltimore band you don’t care about, Yukon came to be. This four-piece plays forward-marching rock’n’roll inspired by a wide range of bands such as Nirvana, Genesis, and Captain Beefheart, but sounding like none of them. Rather, Yukon sounds much more akin to Shellac, Drive Like Jehu, and the Oxes (with vocals) than anything else. The first few tracks are kind of rough, but over time, the tracks start to grow in their ability to be appreciated, and the singer’s vocals aren’t quite as grating as they once might have been. In the midst of the disjointed riffs that seem to run asymmetrical to things at some points, some of the tracks actually display a knack for hiding a hook somewhere within. If you like your rock’n’roll with awkwardly screamed vocals and indie-prog guitars, then this should be right up your alley.

 –kurt (Terra Firma)