YOUTHBITCH: Youthbitch Youthbitch Youthbitch Youthbitch Youthbitch: Cassette

At first glance and listen, I kind of chalked these cats up to being another Ramones-core band. After taking the tape for a few test spins though, I detected a serious ‘60s rock’n’roll garage vibe going on here that I quite liked. These guys hail from Portland, Oregon and I would venture to say that seeing them live would be a fun time indeed. You can tell that they must have spent quite a few rainy days cranking out songs in a basement as most, if not all, of the songs on this tape buzz with a sort of manic intensity that could only come from some serious confinement. The tape also sports a lyric sheet with some awesome illustrations for the songs. Well played sirs, well played.

 –Garrett Barnwell (Gnartapes)