YOUTH OF TOGAY: Tossed Salad Days: LP

Aug 21, 2008

Nothing makes me smile more than a band hell-bent on taking the piss out of a subgenre as uptight as the straight edge wing of hardcore. As their name and the album title imply, these kids reinterpret some straight edge standards as gay anthems and add them to a batch of solidly delivered originals, all featuring lyrics that detail the joys of man-lovin’ with enough descriptiveness to totally flummox the average hardcore kid (I can hear it now: “I mean, I really like the music, but the lyrics are so, you know, gay. Are they serious about all this goo slurpin’ stuff?”). Though not as incendiary in sound as Limp Wrist, these guys have a charm all their own and are more than worthy of a place next to your Crucial Youth albums.

 –jimmy (

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