YOUTH OF TOGAY: The Dongs We Bury: 7”

Oct 06, 2008

I was never too much a fan of Pansy Division but I definitely had a ball with the homocore scene. Yeah, I know it’s called queer core but that joke wouldn’t have worked if I called it that. Youth of Togay is light hearted “eat fuck” hilarious and awesome. I have to ask myself that if they weren’t singing about “sucking more dicks than Mandy Moore” or “if it makes me gay to suck a dick” would this hardcore music have the same appeal? You know what, dick, probably not. But that is only because everyone knows hardcore sucks. But it’s fun and it’s not boring music. Two things missing from the hardcore scene. So let your girlfriend stick her finger in your ass and listen to this record at the same time. Both are bad-ass. No poon intended. I just wish instead of orange vinyl, the 7” was on rainbow. Up the cocks.

 –Gabe Rock (FNS)

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