Jul 29, 2011

I loved the Youth Avoiders demo and have been looking forward to more material from the band. This 7” delivered everything I could have wanted. While preserving the raw intensity of the demo, the three songs on this split present a more refined and melodic sound, with even more delicious hooks, sweet riffs, and an all-around crisper mix. The tracks “Night Fever,” and “Ready for the Action,” are my favorites, and easily among the best of Youth Avoiders’ catalogue. The Zombies Are Pissed! side of this split presents four songs that mix fast and thrashy hardcore with slow and melodic parts, including rocking breakdowns and sing-a-longs. The band’s sound is reminiscent of melodic hardcore acts of the mid-late ‘90s, but they distinguish themselves with excellent songwriting— making them more than just another clone. Better production quality here than on their demo makes these songs shine. I really dig both of these bands and consider this record a must-have.

 –Paul J. Comeau (Destructure,