Jan 27, 2015

Your Pest Band used to stumble towards the Hickey side of melodicism, but with Time to Go, Fumito Yamazaki’s howl has softened into a snarled pop propagator. YPB hasn’t lost their touch, rather they have actualized the Teengenerate/Testors vibe that was always present, but typically muddied under the mania. Highlights include “You Were the Rebel” and “Reverse,” because although Your Pest Band has slowed down a bit, they are most memorable when they shout aphorisms. The next time a close friend puts down a guitar for a mind-numbing nine to five so as to satisfy someone else’s expectations, I’ll be sure to remind them that, “You were a rebel, you killed all forever. But it’s all over, now?” Ultimately, Your Pest Band still knows how to strike bone marrow. 

 –Sean Arenas (Snuffy Smiles)

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