YOUR PEST BAND: Ground Zero EP: 7”

May 08, 2013

I love Japanese garage bands, and for the most part Your Pest Band does not disappoint—the spirit of ‘96 is front and center in this record. Ya, this is much in the vein of Japanese garage rock from that era, and Your Pest Band has the fervor of Teengenerate, the muddy sloppiness of Guitar Wolf, and a bit of bubble-gummery akin to the’s. The record includes what appears to be three originals plus two covers. The originals rip it up: trashy and rockin’. The covers are kinda weird, though. The B-side has a cover of “Please Mr. Postman,” a bizarre choice given the band’s sound (and hence the claims of bubble-gummery), yet it works. The cover on the A-side, however, I find to be thoroughly questionable: NOFX’s “Punk Guy.” The problem is that the original of this song was kinda lame, and this version doesn’t really do anything to up the ante on the original. Hmmm. In the end, though, great little record.

 –Eric Carlson (Snuffy Smiles)