Mar 29, 2011

Punk rock! How could I not like this? EKC are from Milwaukee and play awesome, fast pop punk with a slight Bent Outta Shape influence and an overall influence of basement pop punk excellence! If you don’t like EKC, you are dumb! If they were a cereal, it’d be Rice Krispie Treats! (For the cereal layperson, RKT is packed with sugar but not in the ridiculous MTX quantities found in Lucky Charms. It’s a rock/pop combo cereal, really.) Your Pest Band is a Japanese pop punk band, which should guarantee that they’re good, but EKC wins this 7” battle. Your Pest Band’s first song is kinda boring and the second song is, dare I say it, kind of a half-assed pop punk-ified sloppy blues boredom crunch. But never mind that; if this record only had one EKC song on it, you should still buy it! Case closed!

 –maddy (Repulsion)

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