YOUNG, THE: Self-titled: 7” EP

Jan 06, 2009

I don’t care how old the members of the Young happen to be. They could be in the thirties or forties for all I care. What is undeniable, no matter their ages, is that they have produced a phenomenal debut EP that transcends musical subgenres, delivering raw, honest emotions set to crackling hardcore, emo (the old kind, not the dog shit that clogs up popular radio today), and garage punk. “Get Out of My Face” is right up in the listener’s (face), a vitriolic lyrical and musical spasm that sits somewhere between the Carbonas and Marked Men on the punk rock musical spectrum. “Hurt Each Other” recalls mid-‘80s Dischord bands like Embrace and Rites Of Spring with its desperate, heart-wrenching vocal delivery. Early Jawbreaker and Promise Ring are especially evident on “Erase You,” and “Nobody Cares” leaves rubber marks on the blacktop as it screeches at you like a souped-up muscle car. Austin, TX is lucky to have these bucks-of-early-chronological-age sleeping in its gutters. 

 –benke (Super Secret)

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