YOUNG, THE: 4 Songs: 7”

Mar 31, 2009

I want to say first off that I love the artwork for this record. On the front cover is a collage of birds and on the back is a collage of sea creatures: sharks, squids, fish and the like. Very colorful and pretty! Great stuff. No lyrics included, just a small, pink sheet with what appears to be some kind of paper doll cutout—well, an outfit for one, at least. The record itself is pretty decent. The recording could be better—it was done at home and it sounds like it. I thought they could have started off with a better song—the first one on the record, “Attitude Adjustment,” was my least favorite of the four tracks. The second song was getting a little better—I liked the backing vocals. The last song, “CemetaryTown,” was the best in my opinion (also, unsure if they spelled “cemetery” wrong or if they’re making some reference to the Swedish band Cemetary). I actually wish the ending for that track wasn’t so abrupt because I was digging the rhythm and would have been happy to hear it for a bit longer. The vocals are kind of dirty punk with some melody thrown in. Nothing too outrageously original, but the songs overall made me think they might be fun to see live.

 –Jennifer Federico (Criminal IQ)

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