YOUNG ROCHELLES, THE: Know the Code: 7”

Jul 21, 2015

Syrupy, downright sticky-sweet, and positively neutered is the tone set by the first song, “Stay-at-HomeMan.” It’s a pipedream about winning the lottery and giving up the rat race to stay home, throw dinner parties, and master the art of decorative paper folding; the gelded tone totally makes sense. Following that is a gruffer ode to some junkie dude; once again the perfect energy for the subject matter. The Young Rochelles rounds out this 7” with “Meltdown,” a lovesick, awkward, introverted, and danceable little pop punk gem that brings The Ergs! to mind. Each of these songs is thoughtfully constructed and it really shows. The Young Rochelles is not one to disappoint! 

 –Jackie Rusted (Greenway,

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