YOUNG PLAYTHINGS, THE: So Into Sixty b/w Lies: 7"

Jun 29, 2007

Dark horse surprise hit 45 o’ the ish! Big recorded-in-a-barn drums! Girls playin’ Farfisa! Girls singin’! Guitars! Basses! All that shit! The B-side sounds like the Fevers minus boy vocals plus girl vocals plus Farfisa plus much more raucous drum sound; the A-side draws comparisons to the Fevers merely in terms of the quality of the songwriting and execution. I can find out nothing more about this band other than the fact that they’re really, really good. Please come over and play on my porch next Tuesday! BEST SONG: “So Into Sixty” BEST SONG TITLE: Hmmm... i guess “Lies,” that always went down a storm for the Knickerbockers. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The only means of contact for this band/label is a website address that doesn’t work... although doing a Google™ search on “young playthings” did take me thru some rather interesting false leads.

 –norb (Young Playthings)