Feb 15, 2006

This happens to be a style that I am a sucker for and you almost have to try and mess it up. They seem to be shooting for a Nikki and the Corvettes/Blondie/girl-group kind of thing and they fall flat every step of the way. I will admit that I had a bias going in because I saw this band play earlier this year and they put on one of the most mediocre "There isn't anyone here. Why should we be into it?" sets that I have ever seen. I guess their own songs aren't reason enough for them and I can see why. This is so half-assed and mediocre. They completely botch one of my fave bubblegum songs, "Sweet Pea." How can you be a pop band if you don't have any catchy songs? I guess they don't sell hooks at any of those hipster boutiques in Los Angeles.

 –guest (Dionysus)