Jun 22, 2007

Paraphrasing Bruce Lincoln, the Jalé tribe have a proverb that maintains that “people whose faces are known shouldn’t be eaten.” So, since this quartet of seventeen-year-olds from Ketchum, Idaho put their mugs on the cover, I can’t kill ‘em and roast ‘em. Rats. At times that seems like a really good idea here. Musically, this appears to be an intentional throwback to the styles and sensibilities of the early ‘80s, and there are some moments that are impressive coming from such young whippersnappers. “Fuck Art, Let’s Rock” presents the zenith of the record—a fun tune and one of the only one not to use lyrical themes that were worn out by 1986. But that’s the third track, and the record careens quickly to its nadir four songs later with yet another punk song called “I Hate You.” Groan. These kids could be really good; they show some real signs of creativity and quality, but it seems they need a bit of time to mature and find their own voices. Right now, this record is too much about their trying to show us how cool they are not just for knowing of, but for liking, bands like the Damned and the Heartbreakers. So I say to them: I get it. Yes, you can come play in the sandbox, but stop trying to impress people with how much you know and love the sand.

 –Eric Carlson (Young People with Faces, no contact)