YOUNG PEOPLE WITH FACES: I Hate You b/w Spider-Man: 7"

Jun 29, 2007

A-side is some gay thing where every line ends with a lyrical reference to a famous punk song (hopping cretins, Chinese rock, et al), and their phrasing of the title commands a “Geshundheit!” more than anything else. B-side is a shameful mutilation of the Spider-Man theme song, with the verses out of order and the “to him... life is a great big bang-up, wherever there’s a hang-up, you’ll find the Spider-MAAAAAAAN!” part curiously omitted. The unlisted bonus track is a somewhat better attempt at the Batman theme, stronger in actual concept than in execution. If they hadn’t said “FUCK YOU!” a bunch of times on the a-side, i’d swear this was the work of some manner of Christian youth ministry, attempting to subvert the good name of punk rock. It is times like these when i lament the fact that i have no children, so i could fling this record into the diaper pail where it belongs. BEST SONG: I suppose the Batman theme. BEST SONG TITLE: Spider-Man, because they hyphenated it properly. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Features the phrases “PUNKS NOT DEAD—JUST THE PUNKS” and “BETTER THAN ZEPPELIN” inscribed in the run-off grooves, which isn’t that fantastically amazing, but said phrases appear to be typeset, which actually is.

 –norb (Young People With Voices)