YOUNG OFFENDERS: Leader of the Followers: 12"

Nov 30, 2010

You know what sounds like fun? A pop punk band that uses a lot of harmonized singing. It’s like they are ripping through their own song, bopping up and down, and all screaming together because they love what they are doing so much. No pretension, nothing forced, just a bunch of musicians who love playing in a band. Okay, I suppose some douche-punk bands do this too. But you can feel honest enthusiasm in the Young Offenders, just bursting through a song staring at each other, going, “Fuckyeah, isn’t this fun?! Holy shit!” The Young O’s got real tight control with their peppy anthems, getting into some great themes, singing smart lyrics, and then getting out the door. Feels like some of the better quickpop bands from the ‘80s that had something to say and loved doing it.

 –mike (Deranged)

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