YOUNG MEN, THE: Fuck You, We’re the Young Men: 7” EP

Aug 21, 2008

Sometimes, having a memory fuckin’ blows. Memory #1: most (if not all) of these dudes, in one incarnation or another, were in Bent Outta Shape. Memory #2: StrayDogTown is a fantastic album. Memory #3: Bent Outta Shape “space shuttle”ed: they blew up on the ascent and disbanded. Memory #4: Bummed. Memory #5: Whenever I meet Jamie, the lead singer, he tells me all these ideas on how to make Razorcake better (“put a joke on every page”) and he’s never once pulled through, even though I’ve said, “Don’t tell me about it. Do it.” Problem #1: This is no Bent Outta Shape. Prime Replacements is given up for so-so period Paul Westerberg solo albums. But. It’s. The. Same. Dudes. As. Bent. Outta. Shape. (With longer hair.) I probably wouldn’t be so bored if there was no expectation, no memory. Shitty, I know.

 –todd (Plate of Shrimp, no address)