YOUNG LIONS: From the Vaults: LP+7”

A historic piece of punk rock history out of Toronto, Canada for those who were not in the know. Archiving material from 1982-1984, this band probably only hit people’s radar off their track on BYO’s Something to Believe in. I also vaguely remember their name on the TO Hardcore 83 cassette comp and that validated off their liner notes that I’d longed to have a copy of again, in one form or another. The Young Lions’ punk sound is hard to replicate. It reminds me a lot of their Canadian comrades, the Subhumans. What might be classified as street punk today, I hear it as one of those forefather bands that have that genuine raw punk energy with melody and grit. A true treat and I am one who is grateful to have this see the light of day. Any release from Schizophrenic, you should order direct. You always get something special, either in packaging or special colored vinyl.

 –don (Schizophrenic)