YOUNG LEAVES: Alive and Well: LP

Jun 13, 2014

There are so many wonderfully incongruent facets to this record. The music itself, when I think about it, doesn’t make sense. It’s catchy, melancholic punk, but there are these fucked up, fuzzed-out guitar parts that are totally grating in an almost Melvins-y kind of way, but really catchy riffs will bubble out of the fuzzmuck and it’s weird but somehow so right. Then there’s the album art, which doesn’t make sense for this music, but is such a perfect example of how to make a record so much more than the music. It’s essentially a wordless, six-panel, manga-inspired comic strip about a man whose fiancé turns into a mutant. It begins on the back side of the lyric sheet, continues on the front cover of the LP and then concludes, crushingly, on the back cover. Records like this are reminders of why downloading music is dumb. 

 –mp (Baldy Longhair)