YOUNG KNIVES, THE: Voices of Animals and Men: CD

Jul 25, 2007

This English band sounds like a less XTC-ed out version of the Robocop Kraus (whom I reference an awful lot for a band I didn’t even like the first time I heard them), with maybe one extra Jam record and three extra Syd Barrett records in their collections, though “She’s Attracted To” could pass for some sort of Billy Childish event, except for the fact that the character in the song is beating up his girlfriend’s dad, not his own. They appear to be angry about something. My guess is it’s the cut of their suits. BEST SONG: “She’s Attracted To” BEST SONG TITLE: “She’s Attracted To”… or “In the Pink Mystic Energy” if you’re feeling particularly pink and mystic. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Came with a bonus DVD, which I did not watch, but am trying to watch right now on my laptop, in the interests of Fair Play™, but is not working, because my laptop sucks.

 –norb (Transgressive)