YOUNG IDEA, THE: Warpaint: 7” EP

This debut release from these Bay Area punks fuckin’ rips! From what I’ve read, the members of the band have all paid their dues in other outfits and have now come together to create this monster they call The Young Idea. The four songs included on this vinyl spinner are all punk as fuck but with a ska dynamic added for good measure. The main riff of the opening song “Citadel” has an early Down By Law sound to it complete with a Dave Smalley style vocal delivery. The title track “Warpaint” has a strong ska punk presence with a gorgeous guitar melody throughout. “Wretch Like Me” hits hard musically with a chorus that is both potent and memorable. The song “Santa Cruz” starts with an almost surf style intro but quickly picks up the pace during the verses only to break down for a brilliant sing-a-long chorus. Truly, one of the best releases I’ve heard this year. Looking forward to hearing more from this band. 

 –Brent Nimz (Chapter Eleven)