YOUNG GUV & THE SCUZZ: A Love Too Strong: LP

Sep 11, 2012

Holy shit…this is disgustingly good. Über-catchy, action-syrup pop rock entering my brain like there’s an IV going from my tuner to my arm. It’s potent and addictive; and I love it. The Young Governor recordings are always interesting, but seldom would I consider them mandatory: solo home recordings that must be a great escape from the world of Canadian cable television appearances and corporate “indie rock” showcases that Ben is obligated to partake in due to his role as third guitarist in Fucked Up. But with A Love Too Strong he’s decided to assemble a backing band of breathtakingly talented musicians, enter a studio, and lay down six tracks of the most pristinely orchestrated pop you can find anywhere. The end result is incredibly reminiscent of Marvelous Darlings minus the power pop/glam swagger. Just track after track of brilliantly executed pop perfection that sounds effortless. This isn’t background pop music though, it’s commanding. Young Guv & The Scuzz aren’t here for you to nod off to. If you’re in it for the good time, get your hands on this record

 –Daryl Gussin (Southpaw)

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