YOUNG GOVERNOR: “Virginia Creeper” b/w “I’m a Mess”: 7”

Jul 02, 2009

Let’s see a show of hands of folks who think The Tranzmitors and The Statues are pretty great. Now, imagine if their power pop propensities were roughed up a little bit, and not in a ProTools-$1,000-a-day-studio-intentionally-fucked-up way, but a Jay Reatard Bedroom Disasters, sort of way, like this dude just can’t help himself. It sounds like he’s playing this shit by himself, standing on his futon in his dirty chones, singing to his cat. And that’s said in the most positive of lights. He’s just got to get the catchy jams out but only has this dinky little machine to capture these raw pustules of sweetness. (I don’t know if “sugar zit” is a genre of music, but I’m ™ ing it right now.) That’s what I get from this 7”. What makes sense, too, is that the Governor sang backup on the single version of Fucked Up’s “Dance of Death” and is a primary member of Marvelous Darlings (and I’m highly recommending The Swords, The Streets 7”s, too right now).

 –todd (Plastic Idol,

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