YOUNG GOVERNOR: “Cindy’s Gonna Save Me” b/w “Cannabanoids”: 7”

Is Ben Cook the sleeper Canadian reincarnation (of a non-dead) Billy Childish from the early ‘90s? It seems that every two months, there’s new music by him, be it through Marvelous Darlings, Fucked Up, or Young Gov. I haven’t heard any flat spots. He’s got his aesthetic nailed: exploitation of limitations. And that equals effortless, prolific, insanely catchy songs. “Lo-fi, agitated pop” doesn’t quite do it justice. I’d say just-right-fi punk that’s as much about melody as it is shooken agitation. It’s like if mods, rockers, and punks weren’t allowed wear clothes to show how different they were; instead, they had to fight out their differences naked. With solely talent and instruments. The goal? Writing a song that’d have the whole room singing along by the time the stylus hits the taper-off groove in the center of the record. Young Governor wins again.

 –todd (Dirtnap)