YOUNG GOVERNOR: “Call Me When the Cat Dies” b/w “Fade Away': 7”

Jan 22, 2011

Hey man, someone slipped the Guv the Ryan Rousseau broken digital, sand-scratched, blood-trickling-down-forehead melodies handbook, and I’m not complaining. I loves me some Tokyo Electron, Digital Leather, Destruction Unit, and the Reatards. And this follows suit. It’s like seeing a transparency on the overhead over the Guv’s formidable power pop diagram. This release is skuzzier, more fractured, somehow Teutonic, and just as excellent. I liked the trick that that Guv’s pony was pulling before. I like him more now that I hear his pony’s got more than just one trick. If you have to decide between paying off a medical bill or buying this 7”, I’d go with the 7” because it’ll definitely make you feel better… but that’s just me. I’m no health care professional.

 –todd (Criminal IQ)

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