YOUNG CONSERVATIVES: Young Conservative: 12”

This band is neither young nor conservative. The one thing that is true of Young Conservatives is that it’s very much trying to bring back the era of Revolution Summer from the mid-1980s given how its sound has been appropriated from a number of Dischord bands. There’s a definite emotional bent to the songs, some of which is borne from anger whilst the rest seems to be from a sense of positivity, thus allowing an even handed approach and avoiding any overt negativity. I hear snippets of Dag Nasty, Ignition, and Soulside when listening to the six tracks here and it’s done in a way that is drawing inspiration from that period thirty years ago rather than copying it directly. As such, this is quite an exciting release and Young Conservatives certainly wears its heart on its sleeve and its influences in its music. 

 –Rich Cocksedge (Obscene Baby Auction)