Aug 15, 2006

The Young Canadians were one of the early groups to make a bit of a splash in the fledgling Canadian punk scene. Their best known track, “Hawaii,” has been booted a number of times, but as evidenced by this collection, was not their sole output. Joey Shithead’s record label has seen fit to collect the band’s three EPs, their track from the Vancouver Complication comp (when they were still known as the K-Tels), and a slew of unreleased live tracks for public consumption, a move which, frankly, absolves him of nearly all of DOA’s missteps (sorry, but that band’s whole “metal” period still ain’t quite wiped clean). Musically, these boys leaned toward the poppier end of the spectrum, preferring cynicism and edgy, finely crafted rock to screaming and playing a thousand miles per hour. The studio tracks are, of course, excellent, and the live tracks—ten additional tracks that are wholly different tunes from the studio tracks that precede them—are just as friggin’ good. Nice to see another band get some well-deserved attention.

 –jimmy (Sudden Death)