YOUNG AND IN THE WAY: “Amen” b/w “I Am Not What I Am”: 12”

Young And In The Way are a hardcore band, but they play black metal. They don’t play cheap blast beats and distort it with cassette hiss. They don’t simplify old Mayhem into formulaic interludes with cheesy bursts of noise. They play fucking black metal…but like a hardcore band. That’s the only way to describe it. The recording is warm and heavy—and the vocals are throaty and evil—but lack distortion or augmentation. The metallic hardcore parts break up the song structures, but are sparse and provide just the right level of creative variety. These two records have been released previously, but A389 saw fit to put them together in one package. They fit well together. Everything flows and fits perfectly into one sovereign, disgusting, dark mess. My only complaint is that I wish the records had been released with lyrics or notes.

 –Ian Wise (A389)