You Idiot: The First Book: By Nate Gangelhoff, 316 pgs. By Joe

Aug 21, 2008

As you can probably imagine, this is a collection of You Idiot zine so far, including a previously unpublished issue, as well as two issues of Nate’s music magazine Whiskey Plus (again, one previously published, one unpublished), and some extra miscellaneous stuff. Apparently, this is going to be the new format, because to paraphrase, “The act of making zines is stupid,” and as someone who has also spent hours in the middle of the night to make twenty-some copies of my own crappy zine, I say fair enough! For the You Idiot part of the book, I’d always been meaning to acquire more than one issue, but never did for whatever reasons, but I’m glad to have a nice collection. For the unfamiliar, I’d like to say You Idiot takes a close look at a lot of small suburban town themes, such as drugs and religion (since the average suburb has a lot of kids that like drugs, and a lot of people that love god), and simply takes humorous (but still very smart) approach, with reviews about anti-drug video games, and discussions about some sort of “holy” pajamas. I want to say it’s very Cometbus-esque, especially considering Nate’s musical history, but I feel like that’s not fair because he really has his own unique style. Whiskey Plus is more of a music zine, but it’s still got that creative take on it (typical content including “Reviews of bands I can listen to from outside their practice space!”), and the “How Not To Be In A Band” story was really, really interesting and insightful, enough so that I want to point out that Nate is a straight up awesome bass player, who does in fact “rip it up” (or something to that extent). Overall, I think the content here definitely justifies being archived in book form like this, and recommend checking it out. –Joe Evans III (Arsenic Books, PO Box 8995, Minneapolis, MN 55408)