You Don't Have To Fuck People Over To Survive: By Seth Tobocman,168 pgs

Mar 19, 2010

Wait a sec…You don’t have to fuck people over to survive? Whew... I gotta stop doing that! But seriously, folks- on the surface, this collection of the works of political graphic artist Seth Tobocman may look like a series of potential Rage Against The Machine t-shirt ideas, but it‘s actually an extremely interesting glimpse into what it was like to be an activist in New York City the 1980s; battling against Reaganomics, poverty, and New Coke. Well, maybe not New Coke, but you get the idea. Some parts of this book look like you’re passing by block after block of visually stimulating, politically charged graffiti, while there are other parts that reminded me a lot of graphic novels such as Maus by Art Spiegelman. Originally published in 1989, this reissue also includes some newer artwork about the tragic cases of Amadou Diallo and Mumia Abu-Jamal, the latter of whom Tobocman is sort of the art world version of, if that makes any sense. –Andy Conway (AK Press, 674-A 23rd St., Oakland, CA 94612)