YOLKS, THE: Wandering: 7”

Aug 21, 2008

Chicago hit makers, The Yolks, return with a follow-up to their heralded debut 7” that is every bit as good and, at times, exceeds the simple brilliance of the first record. Along with the Fevers and fellow Chicagoans, the Bold Ones and Headache City, they must have access to a piece of the garage pop collective unconscious that remains inaccessible to ninety-nine percent of the bands playing and recording music today. “Wandering” is an effortless, uncomplicated, one-and-a-half minute piece of sullied, lyrically existential genius that finishes far too early. Like a character in a Jim Jarmusch film, the person in the song rambles from place to place, taking in what he can and moving on to the next destination when he feels the need. In a perfect world, “Wandering (Part II)” would extend to the B-side for seven-plus minutes of absolute perfection. Not to knock the other two songs, ‘cause they rule with the same nonchalance as “Wandering.” “Don’t Blame Me” crashes its way through a couple minutes of “whoa-whoas” and the B-side is a ripping instrumental. As with all the other Bachelor releases I’ve reviewed or purchased, the jacket sleeve is maddeningly small, making it next to impossible to put the record away. Luckily, this record will spend most of its time out of its jacket, sitting on my turntables, spinning at 45 RPM.

 –benke (Bachelor)

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