YOLKS, THE: Kings of Awesome: LP

Pretty lofty title, but the album is pretty awesome (and really catchy). One side is packed full of loose bubblegum rockers that frolic along on an intimate slacker tip. Each one of ‘em is as good as the next, and they got an honest and boyish sentiment. The other side is nothing but delightful rhythm and blues tracks, with nothin’ slacker soundin’ about ‘em. Some of ‘em sound like they coulda been half a century old or more (besides the “What’d I Say” cover, which is). They’ve even got keys! And use them well, conjuring Vince Guaraldi to mind—maybe that’s just me because this makes me wanna dance like somebody from the Peanuts syndicate. Regardless, they’re fantastic. The flipping of the record is all the transition you need between the two sides, despite their different patterns, as they are cut from the same distinct cloth (I guess they split live sets like this, too). For sure, one of the top new records I’ve heard this year. 

 –Vincent (Randy)