YOLKS, THE: Introducing the Yolks: 7” EP

Jan 07, 2008

You think that i cannot consummate the review of this record without lowering myself to making at least one completely telegraphed pun involving the band’s name, don’t you? Well, HA! In the immortal words of the Fastbacks, you are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. I am a LEGITIMATE ROCK CRITIC, dammit, and i will not pander to your cretinistic lowbrowisms by engaging in spurts of tawdry egg humor! A pox upon all your houses! In any event, i like this band! They seem like the kind of band that would not at all be ashamed to admit that the Fleshtones are like, one of the greatest live bands, like, EVER, even though Peter Zaremba hosted a show on MTV like twenty-five years ago or whatever. The Yolks’ modified tin can production ethos hearkens back to the glorious heyday of “lo-fi”—back before someone or another wrecked it ((i don’t remember who wrecked it. Probably those same jerks who trashed your tree fort?)), falling somewhere between the Estrus-ish stuff like the Invisible Men or Statics ((wait, there’s a difference?)) and the more brain-damaged-dance-party aesthetic of Radio X offerings like the Brentwoods or Bobbyteens, except that, at heart, these songs are a little more standardish ‘60s maraca-Pebble excursions, not involving Dancing the Bug or things of this nature ((although Dancing the Bug is, at root, quite a worthy endeavor)). Actually, while “I Found Love” sounds like the Earth-3 version of the Syndicate of Sound ((in this parallel world, the Syndicate of Sound are not super-villains, but actually rescue cats from trees and things of this nature)) and “My Baby Ain’t High Class” sounds more or less like a no-fi Cynics or something, i feel the true spirit of the band is tidily encapsulated in “I Do What I Do”—an almost Richman-like paean of Pop-Nerd Pride, or such are my perceptions. And if i’m wrong, well—yolk’s on me. Ooops. BEST SONG: “I Do What I Do” BEST SONG TITLE: “My Baby Ain’t High Class” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I drive a yellow Pontiac Sunfire and my license plate reads “BADYOLK.”

 –norb (Yolks)

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