YOLKS, THE: Don’t Cry Anymore: 7” single

Jan 13, 2016

The A-side is a nice mid-tempo number that brings to mind The Kinks in their prime. Well-done vocals. It’s catchy and driving rock’n’roll that’s never overbearing, but you are well aware of its presence simply because it’s a nice pop song. But it’s the B-side that really kicks ass. “I Wanna Be Dumb”—think of Ramones mashed up with Pagans and some obscure KBD type of band. Simple and to the point. A winning formula that is actually hard to attain. Yet, The Yolks pull it off with style and, dare I say it, grace. Such a great punk song. One that gets repeated listens. First time I heard this was on WFMU, and I was in awe. The kind of song that embodies all that makes punk great.

 –M.Avrg (Randy, randyrecords.bigcartel.com)