YOLKS, THE: “$2 out the Door” b/w “Pretty Thing”: 7”

Not sure quite what to make of this one. The Yolks are a three-piece who put forth “$2” on the front of the record, which is a reductionist take on old bubblegum rock, which kills. Then on the flip, the bassist swaps out strings for a harmonica, and they lay down a shambolic, stripped-down rootsy cover of a Willie Dixon song. The front is quite fantastic, but “Pretty Thing” is quite understandably buried on the back. Not sure if it’s because of my lack of interest and general annoyance with most music that is overtly bluesy or what, but I ain’t feelin’ it. I could totally get behind this if it were a one-sided number with just the original, or originals in lieu of the cover. Can’t win ‘em all.

 –Vincent (Randy)