YOBS, THE: Worst of the Yobs: CD

Mar 19, 2002

Some of you more astute readers might have guessed that the Yobs are, in fact, the Boys. The Boys temporarily called themselves the Yobs and released not one, but two Christmas albums and several Christmas 45s. Why they bothered to do this, I do not know. I am a huge fan of the Boys, especially the first two albums (both re-released by Captain Oi – check ‘em out!) and they are a punk, power pop, Buzzcocks-y, rock’n’roll explosion! This CD is a re-recording of some of their old Christmas songs plus one new song, “Who Had All the Christmas Cake.” The songs are definitely Boys-esque and somewhat rockin’ but nowhere near as great as regular Boys material. If the Boys/Yobs are still able to rock, why don’t they record some non-holiday-themed rock and roll? If this were a cereal, it’d be Holiday Cheerios.

 –maddy (Captain Oi)