YIS: Kingdom of Fuzz: CD

May 27, 2011

Sometimes I wish I was a bona fide radio DJ, ‘cause a song like “(I Feel) Repulsed” screams “HIT TUNE” in big flashing red lights and I wanna be the guy that blasts it incessantly through the airwaves that permeate the Southern California basin. Its infectious retro new wave bounce brings to mind Echo And The Bunnymen in their more up-tempo moments, and lines like, “I love you so much it makes me sick/I feel repulsed” recall a sense of sly obnoxiousness that doesn’t pop up in similar sounding tunes quite as often these days. “Infin” similarly leans towards the new wave, in this case a bit more in the hypnotic direction of Tubeway Army, and the bulk of the band’s remaining tunes mine various hues of Detroit/’60s fuzz-inspired primal rock/punk, all of it done to the nines and infinitely listenable. A great debut, this, and definitely a band to keep an eye on.

 –jimmy (Yis, yisyisyis.com)