YESTERDAY’S KIDS: Can’t Hear Nothin’: CD

Jul 31, 2009

Yesterday’s Kids is an amazing pop band. Yes, that’s right. A pop band in the pages of Razorcake! Maybe you could say that there’s some sort of punk influence, and maybe there is a sorta Sweet Baby, Mr. T Experience thing going on at times. But these boys were raised on good, classic oldies. Beatles and Herman’s Hermits records, oh yeah! If you aren’t a total punk asshole, and if you love sixties pop, you will like this band! Unfortunately, I found some aspects of the recording a little annoying – too many instruments, too much stuff goin’ on. But the songs are still there. And it’s not just my Wisconsin pride speakin’. Yesterday’s Kids really should take over the world! And while you’re at it, pick up their CDEP on Panic Button, Everything Used to be Better. If this were a cereal, it’d be Frosted Flakes! A classic treat for you and yours!

 –maddy (Panic Button)

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