Nov 30, 2010

Clean yet dirty. Completely put together, but scuffed. Shiny but “imperfect.” Melodic, but not future-insulin-injections sweet. Tough, but not street fight tough. Twisted cords in a thick rope tough that can hold a lot of weight tough. Year Zero’s from Ottawa. They’ve somehow fused stuff that usually doesn’t go well together, that actually sounds a little shitty when I’m writing it out: The Carbonas with Pennywise. Marked Men with early Good Riddance. It’s a strange alchemy of high-end-sounding production with fangs, anthemy parts, and spikes rolling along on the chassis of prime, searing garage rock hookery. If I wasn’t listening to it right now, I wouldn’t believe it myself. But isn’t that the point of great new music? To be a little confounded, yet excited? To set new expectations? To let the magic just come even if it doesn’t make a lick of “music logic” sense? I have no idea how they pull this off without it being absolute poo. It’s gold, though. Surprise of the issue for me. Highly recommended.

 –todd (Young Modern)