YAVINFIVE: Breathe Melody, Bleed Dissonance: CD

May 10, 2007

A bit more restrained than, say, Combat Wounded Veteran, and they don’t inundate the listener with the same caliber of little annoying and cutesy noise moments like, oh, The Locust, and there’s not quite the same full-on “vocalist who rolls around on the floor and cries” emotive quality as bands like, uh, Indian Summer? Current? But if you roll all of that stuff up into one tortilla, dilute it with the fact that there’s only six songs on this thing, and simmer over a low flame for a while, you’ll probably find yourself admitting that there’s some cool parts here, that they’re probably a pretty rad band to see in the basement but, despite the fact that the guy’s screaming like his life depends on it, there’s ultimately nothing here that really, really sets Yavinfive apart from the pack.

 –keith (Tor Johnson)